Dramatic Dioramas came about through group experiences building large community dioramas in 60mm scale. While there was a large array of figurines and vehicles from which to choose, the “collectible” frame of production eliminated the possibility of the type of scene that focused on themes about the humanity of military personnel, and of civilians caught up in the violence. Problems also arose in sourcing suitable materials for groundwork and bases. Buildings suited to diorama themes were always in short supply, and compromises were not always economical.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding products to our inventory. In particular, look for an exciting array of diorama bases, diorama accessories and a range of diorama figures sculpted, cast and painted here in Australia. The staff at Dramatic Dioramas are interested not in replacing or altering your purchasing patterns. Our products will augment your collections and value add to them rather than drain your hobby related budget. 

Overseas postage is at cost. Just place your order and we will send a quote for the postage before dispatch. Overseas orders exceeding $500 get free postage. Orders in Australia are also at cost, with the free postage offer kicking in at $300. ALL PRICES ARE IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. 

If you have any ideas that you feel are not catered to in the market, feel free to make contact  and we can scratch build according to your specifications.